Mar 15, 2004
Chop Chop!

I started trying to fill up my stamp album.  I have like 98 stamps and I need 187 or so to get on the top 200.  :-/  Lots more to go.

I got the Mystery Pic right, and in time, so I got the prize for that.  :)

The war has started, and I fought the Giant Spyders, so now I have a war badge on my user lookup!  Yay!

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Dec 30, 2003
New Goal

Well the codestone contest is over.  I got a Christmas Paint Brush and a Purple Paint Brush.  Those are worth around 100k combined, and I spent around 135k for the contest.  lol. 

On to the next goal...

I'm trying to raise 400k for my Krawk Transmogrification Potion, so I can turn my Grundo into a Krawk.  Then I will get a Pink Paint Brush and paint her pink.  Yay!  :)

Lesson of the day:

If you create a trade, be sure in your wishlist that you are specific about NOT wanting people to offer you CRAP. 

I made the mistake of making two trades and said I was just trying to get rid of the items and wanted neopoints.  I got one offer of a Rotten Berry and 9 neopoints.  I got another offer of a Holly Football (which, mind you, was one of the items in MY trade) and I think 150 neopoints.  AAIIIEEEE can you say stupid.  Oh well.


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Dec 24, 2003
Keep on trying...

Well I have been trying to beat Punchbag Bob for almost three hours and I've got him down to 3562 hit points.  Let me tell you, if you're impatient, don't bother with Bob until you get a very strong pet with lots of abilities and good weapons.  I just really want that trophy so I keep trying and trying.

My guild is great..we have paintbrush contests once in a while.  I was very active in the latest one, getting around 35 codestones for it.  We'll say 33 since the Main ones counted as two.  Now say I paid about 4,000 neopoints for each codestone.  That equals 130k I could've just saved that and bought my own paintbrush.  Man I'm dumb.  lol.

Some trophy advice: 

Cheat! is easy to get a trophy but it takes a while.  The good thing is you can leave your game and come back to it. 

Snow Wars is also easy.  There are only 10 levels, and I'm on eight or nine, and already have a trophy.  You get a medal pretty early on.  It's like Battleship.  They also give you Snowballs so it's pretty cool.

Sakhmet Solitaire is another easy one, but you have to know how to play Solitaire and be pretty good at it.  It took me over 75 plays to get my trophy, but I got it!

Oh and the Advent Calendar is stuff every day.  I have especially loved the Ona, Feepit, and the Snow Petpet Paint Brush.  :)

Happy Holidays!  Join Neopets!

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Dec 9, 2003

Hello everyone!

This is my place to get referrals for Neopets.

Do you know what Neopets is?

It's a virtual pet site, where you can raise and train up to four pets, play games to earn points for food, items, and paint brushes.  There's really a whole lot more to it than that, but you will have to check it out yourself.

If you're an internet junkie like me, you may love Neopets.  It's great for college students because we have a constant internet connection....and Neopets is something to do instead of study.  It's a lot more fun.

Click the link below to check out Neopets and sign up!

Click Me!

I will be adding more info about Neopets in the future.  Feel free to post any questions you might have.

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